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Skins[edit | edit source]

Exclusive skin from PAX 2015

Skins in OMD!U are a type vanity that allows to customize and see alternative versions of your Heroes. Some are epic and make your Heroes look very cool while others are hilarious and add fun to the game.

Skins for the Heroes in OMD!U can be obtained from several different sources. Some can be purchased In the Store directly with Gold, others can be purchased in the store in form of a Chest. Some of those Chests might be limited offers. A few can be purchased with Gibs at the Premium Shoppe.

The rest are promotional or exclusive, which have been distributed at in-game events, seasonal events, Founder Packs, social media events, PAX, etc.

Dyes[edit | edit source]

Dyes in OMD!U are a vanity that allow you to customize even more your skins and your Heroes. There are currently 3 dyes for every hero and every dye once obtained, can be applied to all the skins owned of that hero (except Maximilian's Cardboard Samurai Skin). One is the default and obtained by owning the hero, the other two can be purchased.

Unlike Skins, Dyes can only be obtained through purchasing Chests with random draws in the store, which again, some can be available for only a limited time.

List of Hero Skins and Dyes[edit | edit source]

Dashboard Vanity[edit | edit source]

Dashboard Vanity at the Premium Shoppe

The Dashboard Vanity is vanity for your account that lets you customize a bit your profile. It also allows to distinguish you from other players with some of the exclusive or special vanity. This vanity is visible to your friends in the friend-list, in the list of members of a guild and in the lobbies or loading screens.

This type of Vanity can be obtained mostly through Achievements and the Premium Shoppe. You can apply or change them by clicking on your profile at the top right corner of the Dashboard. It has no effect in-game.

Avatars[edit | edit source]

Avatars make players have some personality, they are icons or images that represent them.

Avatars can be purchased in the Premium shoppe for Gibs and obtained by completing Achievements. There are also Avatars obtained from Seasonal events like Endless Summer Event.

Backgrounds[edit | edit source]

Backgrounds make the avatars have a fancy background, they are images that provide a background to your title, badge and avatar.

Backgrounds can be purchased in the Premium Shoppe for Gibs and also obtained by completing Achievements. Like the avatars, some backgrounds come as rewards from seasonal events. Additionally, there are some exclusive backgrounds given to special players, like is the case of the Featured Streamer Background, given to the players that are part of the Featured Streamer Program run by Robot Ent.

Badges[edit | edit source]

Badges distinguish the dedicated players, they are icons that show next to your avatar. They are all exclusive. 3 of them were obtained by supporting the game in its early Alpha version by buying Alpha Founder Packs. The fourth badge is reserved for Robot Ent. employees.

  • Apprentice Founder Pack Badge (Red): Level 1 Founder Pack Badge
  • War Mage Founder Pack Badge (Blue): Level 2 Founder Pack Badge
  • Master Founder Pack Badge (Yellow): Level 3 Founder Pack Badge
  • Robot Entertainment Employee Badge (Robot Logo)

Titles[edit | edit source]

Titles allow to show off your big Achievements! they are visible just in top of the background. Titles can be obtained from Achievements and from events too. There are also exclusive titles for players in the Featured Streamer Program.

List of Dashboard Vanity[edit | edit source]

Promotional Vanity[edit | edit source]

Summer skins for Smolder and Hogarth

Some of the vanity in this game is promotional, that means that it can only be obtained during certain seasons of the year or through certain events for a limited time. Also from certain promotions like Razer or Rooster Teeth. Other examples are Halloween or Summer vanity.

Promotional vanity can also be exclusive but in most cases it isn't, most of the promotional vanity can make it back in the game after some time of its initial promotion or through the repetition of similar events.

There is promotional vanity of all kinds, skins, dyes and dashboard ones. Past season events included raffles, challenges and community goals.

Exclusive Vanity[edit | edit source]

A part of the vanity in OMD!U is exclusive, that means that it can't be obtained anymore or the access to it is restricted. Examples are the vanity from live events like PAX 2014 and 2015, the Founder Alpha Packs or special community programs which are composed by only a few players like the Featured Streamer Program.