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I will be explaining the whole story of all Heroes and the base story of OMD 1 and 2. I will be calling all characters by their names not nicknames from OMD 1 and 2...The best place to start is the Orcs Must Die comic this explains the main premise of the series and Cygnus training Maxmilian. Here is an online version of it http://assets.robotentertainment.com/Orcs-Must-Die/comic/OMD!.pdf (Thanks to whoever runs the OMD Youtube channel for giving me the link).

Quick summary of comic: The Rifts have always existed, these Rifts give magic and also links to other worlds. The orcs came from another world to kill and pillage. War mages who could use magic, fought these orcs by protecting the rifts and founded the order. Massive castles were constructed around the rifts in the orc world to defend the human world from invasion. Weavers a branch of the Order, support the War mages, with their great amounts of knowledge and power from the rift (upgrades in game). There is non magical beings who also help to protect the rifts, these are the paladins and the elves (AKA guardians, they change names throughout, also Sir Winston is a Paladin)

Each War Mage was given an Apprentice, so they can teach and train the next generation. Cygnus was given Maxmilian as an apprentice. (We also learn later in OMD 2 that Gabriella is also an apprentice of Cygnus). The people they were protecting forgot the War Mages over time and one by one the War Mages died. So the only War Mages left were Cygnus and Maxmilian left protecting the world from the orcs.

All Credits of this writing and summaries go to User:Humblethief, "EffingWorms" in-game name.

Orcs Must Die 1[edit | edit source]

This starts with Cygnus slipping in Kolbold blood and he splits his head open on the cobblestones, killing him instantly. So Maximilian is the only War Mage left defending the rifts. He fights alone against the might of the orcs. Over time a ex member of the order(Gabriella), we find out, is mind controlling the orcs into an army, to destroy the order and everything they have been fighting to protect. Maxmilian beats back the army and makes the decision to close all the rifts, this has the downside of removing all magic from the world. Gabriella was left trapped in the orc world.

Orcs Must Die 2[edit | edit source]

The world has fallen into disaster because of droughts, famine and disease were killing the people. With magic all of this could be solved. A rift appears in front of Gabriella in the Orc world, when she entered the rift she came out in front of Maximilian. With Orcs coming through the rift, they decide to team up to fight off the orcs coming through. Maximilian has been working in the dwarf mines. We later find out that Cygnus didn't die and only awoke when he realised that magic was gone from the world. Because he is the oldest War Mage this means he has the ability to create the rifts, and he decided that to save the world he needed Gabriellas help and he opened the rift that saved her. Cygnus then takes charge of his former apprentices on a journey to open all the rifts again to save the world from disaster. They fight bravely and open the rifts. After this task is complete Cygnus disappears and is never seen again. Gabriella and Maximilian then set about creating the Order again but doing it right this time.

Cygnus' Adventure:[edit | edit source]

These are letters written from Cygnus to Maximilian after he disappears in OMD2. They can be found on Cygnus' Adventure or the spoiler below.

Cygnus is writing to Maximilian because he doesn't trust Gabriella and he wants Maximilian to keep an eye on her. Cygnus finds a vault sealed against time in another world, it contains the ice amulet. Cygnus then explains the Orc world is called Vergon, all the worlds are connected through rifts like a network. Cygnus says he is looking for answers about history and magic. Later on Cygnus says "Magic is at the core of every world I have been to so far, but the largest difference is how it is used. Some use it to bring rain, growing gardens and acres of crops; others use it to bring light to the darkness. Still others warp it to the will of a conqueror, unleashing war and destruction on those in their path." Cygnus is worried because he doesn't know the full empire that Gabriella held. (In OMD1) Cygnus spends time as a captive of a few Hobgoblins. Later on Cygnus finds himself trapped in a desert world, with ruins covered in runes. Cygnus hypothesises that runes are a common language between the worlds. Starving Cygnus decided to eat some mushrooms coming out of a pot, tripping out and imagining some attackers, he decided to play dead. Waking up a couple of hours later he saw two moons in the sky and a women and a rabbit playing chase between them. (Chang'E, see Yi-Lins Bio). In the next letter Cygnus describes a candy village where everything is made up of candy. Later on Cygnus encounters a weaver from another world, she was coming out of an rift surrounded by power and used magic to make a pillar come out of the ground. Cygnus then tells Maximilian to stop being infatuated with them and to learn from them. Cygnus then uses the example of Merilee the head weaver, whom he is in love with but also admires her intelligence. 

Later on Cygnus finds himself on a Jungle world hiding from cat people, reminiscing about the vegetable he found with peculiar healing properties (Healing Root). He meets a pair dwarfs called Dobbin and Brass, and persuades them to join the Order, he sends them back to help Maximilian lead the Order. In the next letter Cygnus is trapped freezing to death on a snowy mountain, in a cave overlooking a ruin. Deciding to use an old shield he found to slide down the mountain. He narrowly escaped the paws of a polar bear with a red paw mark on his face (Probably Tundra). Cygnus writes down some more of his findings "I left on this sabbatical to visit these other worlds, and what I have found is that we all share at least a very distant history of magic. Where there are Rifts, there is magic, and there are Weavers who can shape it, as well as Mages who can channel it. There are intelligent beings and there are monsters much like orcs." He explains "so many different architectural styles of Fortress it is baffling. How could we ever have thought that we were the first to experience what we did? A foreign force of invaders seeking to conquer us all, so we build up defenses and use the tools at our disposal to defend. A tradition of tower defense appears to reach back in time, probably to the very beginning, when the Rifts were made." "And yes, I do believe they were made. There is a nearly mathematical precision to the conditions that must be present for a Rift to be opened; as we were coming to discover before the Order was destroyed, a Rift could exist only on a convergence of magical energies, and that a Rift can be closed but never truly destroyed. As long as the conditions are right, any closed Rift can be opened again by a person with the knowledge how. (I am sorry I never got the chance to teach you..." A few letters later Cygnus comes across a world with a pair of twin fortresses guarding a pair of twin rifts, with a short river in between (Unchained Fortress?). Cygnus calls these two a rift pair, after looking around a bit more he finds a book written in runes and decides to take it with him. The next letter Cygnus finds himself on a beach next to an army of orcs, trolls and all kinds of dark creatures. He was captured and brought to the leader an Orc woman with a chainmail Bikini, (Bionka) she started to talk in Cygnus' language, explaining that she had heard about Order mages and how they kill her children. Bionka was going to join the Unchained, "The Unchained, it turns out, is some sort of collection of folks who feel as though they got the short end of the magical stick. Many have been stuck on dead worlds for ages, some simply are not content with what they have and want more, and others just like making bloody messes; but all of them feel generally that they should be able to use the Rifts and Magic" (many getting this view off Gabriella during OMD1). Later Cygnus managed to escape and decided to follow this army to the Unchained. Once there he discovers an organised army, a legion of Kobolds led by a king, (Kobold King) large brutal orcs, trolls, and some humans. "They seem to believe that controlling the Rifts and the Fortresses thereby gives them control over magic itself. As what I have learned, this could be true enough. Magic is a tool, as I have been trying to teach you for years, neither evil nor good until you use it for such a purpose." Cygnus decides to travel back to his home world to prepare for the invasion.

Once home Cygnus sets about translating the book he found covered in runes, with Merilee the head Weaver. Learning the power of Rift Lords beings able to control the rifts and control the weather. They also discovered a few rituals that might grant the power of a Rift Lord. After coaxing Maximilian into being a test subject, but at the end of the ritual he sneezed causing lightning to go every where. A day passed and Cygnus discovered tiny rifts would be created wherever he went. With a bit of training Cygnus realised he could summon an unstable rift when he wanted to. 

Orcs Must Die Unchained[edit | edit source]

In the Bios there is a story line, but a couple don't reference this story line. So I will start by going over the ones that are stand alone, because of this they are easier to explain.

Bios Story Line[edit | edit source]

Standalone Bios Stories[edit | edit source]

Bloodspike: This is a ballad written by N.E orc. Sings high praises for Bloodspike. I don't know whether it is based before or after OMD1+2. It is only going to get more complicated from now on. 

Zoey: This is her writing a diary. Goes through Zoey losing teachers. Handed from Prof. Rodergo to Gabriella to Maximilian and then finally to Cygnus. This is based after the events of OMD 1+ 2.

Ivy: This is a number of letters between the leaders of the first grove. Ivy is in trouble for destroying the Skybridge. She is going to be thrown out of the First Grove. One of her teachers is pleading for the high warden to keep her. (This warden is Kynd) He explains that Ivy's parents and Ivy fought in the battle of Acacia. (This was when Ivy was still a child) Ivy's parents fell, Ivy continued fighting, driven on by rage only stopping when a warden knocked her unconscious and then they dragged her away. After reading Ivy's story the High Warden Naya changes her mind and allows Ivy to stay in the first grove. (Sometime after this Ivy becomes a Warden of the first grove herself). Not sure if this happens before OMD1+ 2 or not, probably before.

Maximilian: This is Maximilians permanent record at the Academy. Written by his professors. Mostly situations where Maximilian was rude and earned demerit. It talks about Elves from the first grove coming to visit. (This is where Ivy comes from) It has the great reference back to the comic and OMD 1. When Prof. Tulania recommends Max to Cygnus. Based before OMD 1.

Blackpaw: This is copies of the Wulfhawkinman Enthusiasts Official Newsletter. It starts off by referencing Maximilians Bio with the incident of him releasing all the chickens (Maxmilians punishment is refilling all the order torches). We also find out that Cygnus is a subscriber to the newsletter. (This is also mentioned in Cygnus' bio) Perrell the president of the fan club, follows news reports to Weston-under-mountain trying to find the mythical creature known as the Wulfhawkinman. Weston-under-mountain lies under castle Weston (AKA: Highlands). Perrell then encounters the source of the newsletter, Blackpaw. Blackpaw is attacking members of the cult of death (see Oziels Bio) for killing gnolls. Perrell is convinced that Blackpaw is a Wulfhawkinman. So Perrell organises a meeting of nearby members of the fan club. To find and capture Blackpaw to protect the Wulfhawkinman race from dying out. (We aren't told if Cygnus is one of these nearby members, although in the OMDU tutorial Cygnus is in Castle Weston being attacked by orcs). The fan club then decide to team up with the cult of death to capture Blackpaw. They stumble into Blackpaw, and the cult of death start shooting Blackpaw. Perrell decides to protect Blackpaw from the cult of death and dies as a result. Blackpaw escapes and goes missing. Based after OMD 1.

Now I have finished the stand alone bios. The rest of them link into the overarching plot line. I'm now going to write this part in chapters, with some side plots going on during the other Bios. A simplified version the timeline. This has a couple of assumptions, so this diagram is up for debate. In regard to Oziels Bio, Maximilians and Blackpaw I'm not sure if they connect to the story or not. There is also a couple where I don't know what side of the line they are on.


As you can see this is very complicated. With a few branches coming off the main plot line.  When I say peoples names I mean their bios. Except for Prof Hieronyma he gets his own branch. Lets start at the midnight branch side story. 

Midnight Branch Side Story[edit | edit source]

Dobbin: His bio is his messages through the ministry post by wire. Dobbin is having a territory dispute with Copperhead Joe over the Itzal mine. The bio is their argument and Joes eventual declaration of a fight. Dobbin and his wife Brass then decide to hire Maximilian to help defend there mine and also call up Sheriff Macken for help. Sheriff Macken then puts a bounty on the head of Copperhead Joe. Quick note: this takes place in Dusty river the same area where Shark Island is also located. Based after OMD 1+2

Brass: This Bio is Brass' diary following the events of Dobbins Bio. Brass starts by saying that they managed to hold out long enough in the mines, so that Midnight could kill Copperhead Joe (see Midnight's Bio). Maximilian helped them fend off the invaders. Brass headed back to camp to work on her blunderbuss and turret. After a week or two, she met one of High Wardens girls, who came to check in on the dwarf couple. The girl also wanted to know the secret to Maximilian's power (this might be a reference to the end of Cygnus' Adventures where he gives Max great power) after casting a speed pickup spell. Brass didn't know but knew about another secret power from her ancestors writings, Brass went looking for the texts and the girl left. The texts describe the time before the Great Shift (See Great Shift Branch above). Six generations ago her ancestors lived in the fortress at Thuricvod and one of the last families to escape before the rift collapsed. The White Tiger empire ruled by an Empress who got magic from the jade Rabbits (see Yi-Lins Bio) and a guardian who took an elixir and turned into jade (see Yi-Lins Bio). A week later the High Wardens girl returns and Brass shows her the notes, the girl is very interested in them. So who is this High Wardens girl it could be a few people.(see Deadeyes Bio) It could be Ivy who has come looking for Deadeye (see Deadeyes bio) and also knows how to cast speedup spell. Or it could be Reve one of the high Wardens daughters who uses this information to find where Yi-Lin is (see Yi-Lins Bio). 

Deadeye: Her bio is a few newspaper clippings for the First Grove Messenger. It starts by detailing the murder of High Warden Naya, the leader of the Eight Groves. Nayas body was discovered by Warden Ivy, Ivy then becomes the lead investigator into Nayas death. Galadra the true shot (Deadeye) is brought into questioning. Galadra (Deadeye) is a half-elf half-orc, and is an adoptive daughter of Naya. Naya has two more daughters Tulania and Reve. Reve is a Weaver and works for the Ministry. Tulania is a Professor at the Academy. (Tulania wrote half of Maximilians bio, and also signs Cygnus' bio). Galadra (Deadeye) is confronted by Ivy, while being arrested Deadeye flees into the forest, Deadeye is captured by Ivy, but gets shot by in the eye by Ivy. During the trial Deadeye rejects the elf name Galadra and calls herself Deadeye. She says shes innocent and blames Reve for Nayas death. The new High Warden Kynd rejects these theory. Deadeye says the elves are racist against orcs and says Naya killed her Orc father because she saw him as a threat even with Baby Deadeye in his hands. Kynd finds Deadeye guilty and sentences her to death. On the eve of Deadeyes execution she escapes the elf jail with the help of the Sidewinder gang. Deadeyes half brother Copperhead Joe is the leader of the Sidewinders. Deadeye gets to Dusty River only to discover that Joe has been assassinated by Midnight. (see Midnights Bio). She then terrorises the citizens of Dusty River and injures Sheriff Macken (See Dobbins Bio). Ivy arrives at Dusty River and challenges Deadeye to a 1 vs 1. After a long drawn out battle both Ivy and Deadeye collapse being carried off by there allies. Deadeye becomes the leader of the Sidewinder gang and joins the Unchained. Quick note: Naya and Kynd are the authors of Ivys Bio. Also I think Deadeye is innocent and Naya did it. Based after OMD 1+2.

Midnight: This is a journal given to Midnight by her master Snowy, when Midnight left the nine lives dojo, it contains poems and Midnight uses it to record her deeds. Snowy didn't want Midnight to leave. Midnight then records her missions. Her first mission is to kill a man who fell in love with a merchants daughter. The merchant wants him out of the equation. Midnight then takes up the bounty that sheriff Macken put on Copperhead Joe (From Dobbins bio/Brass). Kills him but is being chased by Joe's sister a half orc with crossbows (See Deadeyes Bio). Midnight is then hired to steal a scroll from Cygnus, She gets caught by Cygnus and thrown in the Orders dungeon. She then escapes when Maximilian puts the wrong oil in the torches (see Maximilian and Blackpaws bio: chicken incident). Midnight then goes back to the nine lives dojo, only to find Snowy dead, killed by her rivals. She then takes up the name Twilight's Razor. Based after OMD 1+2.

That is one branch dealt with, I think I will start the hardest task, the main plot line. 

Before I start, Smolders, Oziels and Gabriellas bios are closely connected. So I will be giving evidence for the connections throughout.

Smolders, Oziels and Gabriellas Bios[edit | edit source]

Smolder: These are log entries written by Gabriella, About Smolder being born and brought up through a few weeks, and having to suffer under the professors experiments. In the end Smolder cannot suffer under the professors experiments any longer and breaks free and escapes the order. Also the logs have been edited by the weavers/ the ministry to remove names of those involved.  The women taking the apprenticeship uses a mind control spell on Smolder when she first hatches. Gabriellas main magic is mind control. Then at the end of the bio she says about moving out of the alchemy wing and moving to the Anthropology department studying the ruins of Thuricvod. In Gabriellas bio she is writing a piece on Thuricvod after studying it.  The Professor could be Oziel for a number of reasons. Oziels bio is him turning to darkness, looking for power. Joining the Order and then looking for eternal life. The Professor in Smolders story, starts looking for solutions to resurrection potions. In Smolders bio he is looking for a breakthrough or he might be demoted. I'm not sure on him being Oziel though, about 50%. I know that the weavers edited the notes because Cygnus says he handed them over to the weavers and ministry and they covered up all evidence. That is explained in Gabriellas bio. This bio is based after OMD 1+2.

Oziel: This is a fable written about a Order mage longing for power. He wanted to be the best in the Order, but was no where near the best. He went looking for power from the Orders enemies, the dark mages. He got dark tomes and forbidden spells. His power grew until only the Arch mage had more power. Oziel then challenged the arch mage to a fight. The Arch mage then beat him easily. Oziel then left the Order, went back to the dark mages, realised they used him and them he left them. He became a wanderer, collecting more power. After some time, his age was stopping his search for power. He became a member of the cult of death to prevent death itself. He then used the cult of death techniques to trick death into coming to take his soul. He then trapped death itself and chanted its spell right back at him. Oziels skin turned to bone and his eyes replaced with fire. The cult of death, appears in Blackpaws bio as well. And are also talked about in other places. Lyzander is also a member of the cult of of death. The cult of death techniques to make death come for you is the poison spell. Oziel appears in Portraits as Ancestor when he was still a order mage, interesting that they wrote into the lore Oziels rework. This bio is based before OMD 1 + 2, Since the arch mage wasn't Cygnus.

Gabriella: This is letters to and from Gabriella, after the events that occurred in Smolders Bio. It starts with Gabriella trying to get her paper, on what she discovered at Thuricvod, published in anthology today. We also get told she is now studying under Prof. Heironyma. The paper talks about the Dwarfs closing the rift back to their world, Thur. When they closed the rift, it caused an event called the Great Shift. They were also closing a rift to the dark world. The dark world, is the where the orcs come from. It then explains the possibility that the Rifts are not portals to other worlds, but parallel worlds where it is the same world but a different race lives there. Gabriellas paper then gets rejected and Prof. Heironyma is reassigned to a Oasis expedition (see Stinkeyes bio). Their travel visas have also been rejected. Gabriella is trying to get help off Cygnus. Cygnus informs her that she has been blacklisted for trying to publish information on future orc invasions. He also tells her that after the incident in the alchemy wing (Smolders Bio) the weavers and the ministry have covered up all the whole affair. The weavers then started pulling strings at the order, blacklisting professors and stopping research projects. Gabriella then decides to travel to the dark world to find evidence of the future orc invasions, planning to show the world what the Order is willing to hide. Cygnus then tries to warn her, to no effect, that the Dark World longs for magic, and the orcs that live there are drawn to magic like a moth to a flame. That Gabriella will hear voices and want power. And the true reason the Dwarfs closed the gate was to stop the orcs invading. I think this is the reason that Gabriella left the Order and became evil. Before the events of the original Orcs Must Die. Then Gabriella saying at the end of OMD2 lets rebuild the Order but do it right this time, refers to these events of the weavers covering up the orc invasions. Other points, Thuricvod village and gates of Thuricvod (AKA: corridors) are maps, corridors also appears in OMD2 as one of the places Cygnus, opens a rift at. Gabriella heading into the Dark World was the magic that Bionka wanted more of, so started the invasion. As detailed in Bionkas bio. 

Well that is the most complicated Bio dealt with.

Yi-Lin Bio[edit | edit source]

Yi-Lin: This is a few prayers made by Yi-Lin to her friend and goddess Chang'E. Yi-Lin and Chang'E were trained together in the White Tiger Empire (Another world). Yi-Lin was sent to the world of Centre to defend the rift in Thuricvod with the Dwarfs and cyclopes, against the Wu-Xing invading through one of the rifts. Yi-Lin provided her own troops to defend Thuricvod. The Cyclopes retreated back to their own world and barricaded their rift from their side (To find out what happened to the Cyclopes read Stinkeyes Bio). The Dwarfs then decide to close their rift back to Thur knowing this will destroy Thuricvod and the White Tiger Empire (This is the Great Shift talked about in Gabs Bio). Yi-Lin decides to stay in the world of Centre in the Lotus Temple on top of the Red mountain to protect the last rift to the Empire. Chang'E unites the White Tiger Empire and forms the Cloud Tiger Empire and gets the Moon Guardians to raise the Empire into the clouds (to avoid destruction?). Chang'E then has to go to the Moon and give her rift magic to the jade rabbits, so she becomes a immortal (The Jade Rabbit appears in Chinese Folklore, He makes the elixir of life on the moon). Yi-Lin decides to drink the Rabbit drought which turns her into a Jade Statue eternally protecting the rift. After over a thousand years Yi-Lin is woken up by the Temples alarm to find an Elf has broken in. Yi-Lin talks to Reve (the elf) until Reve requests entry into the Cloud Tiger Empire. Yi-Lin said no because of the Unknown power surrounding the elf. Reve then opens many small unstable rifts with Wu-Xing swarming through them. Yi-Lin deals with the Wu-Xing easily and closes the rift back to the Cloud Tiger Empire, the rift can only be opened by Chang'Es Rift Key. Yi-Lin then leaves the shrine hoping to save this world again from another Wu-Xing invasion. Some quick information, Reve is the daughter of High Warden Naya, and probably her murderer and works in the ministry, see Deadeyes Bio. Chang'E is figure in Chinese folklore, and is hinted to also become a Hero.  

Prof. Heironymas Adventures[edit | edit source]

Now I going to move onto Prof. Heironymas adventures.  In Gabriellas Bio we learn that Prof. Heironyma is sent on an expedition to find Oasis. After the attempt to publish the paper. I am not sure when Prof. Hieronyma's adventures take place, since it might be during that the events of OMD takes place, or before or after.

Stinkeye: This is a Account written by Stinkeye, to the rest of the cyclops race. About how he found Oasis the ancient city of the Cyclops race and became the last shaman of Oasis. Like most Cyclops he was drawn to the desert. Stinkeye then became a bodyguard for a treasure hunter looking for remnants of artefacts from before the great shift and the city of Oasis ( quick notes: the great shift was explained in Gabriellas bio, and I think that this treasure hunter is Prof. Heironyma, since he came looking for Oasis and he knew about the great shift, I'm about 40% sure). Stinkeye is separated from this treasure hunter during a magical sandstorm. He then finds a giant stone door buried in the sand and pushes it open, discovering a corridor under the sand. Stinkeye then falls asleep, only to be awaken by totem laughing at him. He reached out to take it only for it to disappear and reappear further down the corridor, leading him down the passage, to Oasis itself. Stinkeye sees great wonders from Oasis. He was led to a giant Black pyramid with a skull on top asking him his name. Then it spewed huge amounts of magic onto Stinkeye. A staff appeared in the pyramid and Stinkeye was beckoned to take it. The staff then said it was running out of magic and declared Sinkeye the last shaman of Oasis. Stinkeye was confused and Oasis answered "your ancestors sent me across dimensions and space to find their descendants, scattered by the great shift. This is what your world looked like. It is no more. It was greatly blessed by the power of the rifts, but the rifts also tore it apart."(See Yi-Lins Bio) After many more questions Oasis fell silent, only to appear once it has recharged. Stinkeye was then sent to gain followers of Oasis. So his book was written to proclaim the message to other cyclops. To read what happened during the  Great Shift see Yi-Lins Bio. I also think that every race has a world where they come from, well apart from the humans who own Centre. 

Hogarth: This is an account written by Prof. Heironyma, after a fruitless attempt at trying to find Oasis, he decides to go on an journey to Deg Itan, the home of the Northum. He is travelling with a scout called Rothbern. Hogarth's chieftain Beotharn welcomes the team to a party. Hogarth the right hand man of Beotharn is initially wary of the group at the party. During the night a monster attacks the camp and Rothbern was eaten. The brave thanes led by Hogarth went after the monster and chased it into the mountains.  One thane died, and the thanes returned to camp. The next night they had a funeral for the fallen. When they went to sleep again the monster attacked again. It was three meters tall and scaled like a snake. It has massive claws and teeth and glowing eyes. (I'm thinking it is a Crogon). Hogarth jumped on the beast and swinged his axe into it. The creature clawed Hogarth again and again, Hogarth not feeling any pain, kept fighting. He threw up his shield freezing the monster where it stood, it fell and shattered on the ground. Hogarth was a Hero, he was given the name Frozen shield of Deg Itan by the chieftain. Prof. Heironymas expedition then sets off in the direction of Arctos home to the Grizzles.

That is the end of Prof. Heironymas journey since we don't have anything on him turning up at Arctos. Now I will go onto Tundras branch, these Bios detail what happens before Bionkas invasion. 

Tundra Branch Side Story[edit | edit source]

Temper: This is an account of the meetings Temper has had with his anger management counsellor. Tempers Dwarf parents set up a meeting because Temper raged during a meeting with Tundra at Dusty river (This is where Dobbin lives and Tundra going to meet with Order allies is part of the main plot). The counsellor learns about Tempers childhood. Temper was found as a child 10 years ago in a burnt out field. He was then adopted by his dwarf parents, and trained under the dwarfs to be a blacksmith. Tundra came to Dusty River to pledge support against the unchained, during the feast Temper went off on an angry rage against the Unchained. As a result Tundra had to freeze him. During the next meeting with the counsellor, Temper has come again because he got angry and threw a hammer at someone. The counsellor then teaches Temper some exercises to keep his anger under control, by finding his "Happy Place". The counsellor then recommends that Temper uses his anger against the Unchained. In the final meeting with the counsellor Temper, says he has started fighting his own battles against the Unchained and has left the dwarfs that he lived with. This is based after OMD 1+ 2.

Cygnus: This is his last will and testament. It details his belongings and who gets it once he dies. In case he dies of natural causes the scrolls will go to Gabriella and the Yeti pelt will go to Maximilian. Everything else will be sold and the money spilt between his two apprentices. If he dies in the battle against the Unchained everything is to go to Gabriella and the funeral disregarded. The Yeti rug Cygnus received as a gift from the grizzles, but wants it to display to the grizzle envoy coming, this links directly to Tundras bio because he is coming as an envoy to the Order. This is based after OMD 1+ 2.

Tundra: This is Tundras messages to his father the king of the grizzles. Tundra is travelling to the Order to pledge support against the Unchained coming out of the rifts, after the Order sent a warning message. Tundras message to his father is good news, of arriving safety and the filth that is the Unchained. Frost, king of the ice bears, replies with joy, and tells Tundra that he will make a great leader, and his use of magic is the best in the Frost clan. This is the setting of the battle to come. This is based after OMD 1+ 2. Unto the final bio Bionka. This links the Bios together and links to the main plot.

Bionka's Invasion[edit | edit source]

Bionka: This is the messages between her and her sons and informants and to the whole orc race. This starts with a declaration of war. Bionka has just feasted off the magic from Gabriella (see Gabriellas Bio)  and has decided to invade the world of Centre for more magic. The next message is to her commanders, detailing what Order strongholds they should attack. Wildshank is sent to set up a base in Thuricvod, because that is the rift all the orcs will pass through. Redhowl is to take Unchained fortress. And Bloodspike is to take his troops to sack shark island. Take some ships and attack Crogon keep in Dusty River. Wildshank sets up his base in Thuricvod. And Redhowl takes Unchained fortress. Bloodspike takes Shark island but with heavy losses, he asks for reinforcements. Bionka then gets angry with Bloodspike and reluctantly asks more orcs to join Bloodspikes army. One of Bloodspikes men reports to Bionka that Bloodspike is eating his own orcs. Bloodspike takes Crogon keep and asks for more delicious recruits. Bionka then asks Midnight for a horrible Order target. Midnight then tells Bionka about Eventide cove (Eventide fortress lies here, AKA surrounded) and that Tundra is having a diplomatic meeting with the Order there. Bionka then tells Bloodspike to attack Eventide fortress. While Bionka decides to attack the Order Academy. They mourn Bloodspike who has lost, but Bionka cheers on the rest of the orc army.This is based after OMD 1+ 2. 

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

I will now cover the tutorial: Maximilian has slept in in the academy, and Bionka has circled around and have attacked the academies front gate. Maximilian was supposed to be at the meeting with Tundra at Frostbite fortress. Later on you learn that Cygnus is at Castle Weston being attacked by orcs. So maybe this shouldn't link directly to the main plot but to Tundras bio. This is based after OMD 1+ 2.

Main Plot[edit | edit source]

This was taken from the updates in 2016 with three in all, here is https://orcsmustdie.com/arcticprince/eventide/. Use the buttons at the bottom to navigate. I ordered the story below and added the titles.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Centuries ago, the grizzlies pleaded for the Order's help in defending their lands against a massive orc invasion. The grizzlies had never encountered the orcs before, and were caught unaware by their numbers and brute strength. The Order courageously helped their northern neighbors, fighting back against the orcs and sacrificing many of their own in the fray. Once the orcs were defeated, the grizzly royal family swore an oath to the Order that they would come to their aid and repay their debt to them, no matter the cost.  Now, the time has come for that oath to be honored. With the threat of an invasion looming over the Territories Humaine, it comes down to Prince Tundra Frost, the Oathkeeper, to pledge his troops and his life to the defense of Eventide Cove and the Capital of the Territories Humaine.

Eventide Fortress: Eventide Cove is an important trading port for the Territories Humaine. It is the port nearest the Capital, and provides most of the Capital's supplies and supports almost all of its industries. Because of this, the port is closely guarded by an Order installation: Eventide Fortress. Eventide Fortress is one of the oldest Order fortifications, second only to the Order Academy at the center of the Capital. Being stationed at Eventide Fortress is considered an honor; the port's defense can only be trusted to the best of the Order's recruits. The position is also prized because of the fortress's picturesque setting and proximity to the Capital and all its festivals and activities.

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

With Bionka and her forces gaining a foothold in the Territories Humaine, Cygnus, the Master of the Order, called for a meeting with Tundra, the Oathkeeper, at Eventide Fortress. Tundra brought with him his most decorated warriors as well as gifts for the Order--yeti hides, jewels, and pickled mammal-fish. The meeting was merely a diplomatic one; the Order and the grizzlies would have a lavish meal together and discuss the commitment of troops and weapons.

During the meeting however, ships were sighted on the horizon. It was soon realized that these were the ships commandeered by Bloodspike the Brutal at Shark Island. Eventide Cove would soon be under attack. The Order and the grizzlies would have to act quickly if they were to secure Eventide Cove and keep the orcs from invading the Capital.

With Bloodspike and his troops closing in, Tundra realized that quick, decisive action was necessary to secure victory. Tundra and his retinue of warriors charged into battle using their unique Avalanche spell. The sheer magnitude of the frost magic they unleashed froze the harbor and brought ice and snow to the fortress, freezing the orcs in their tracks and defeating Bloodspike and his army.

The grizzlies are known for their mastery of frost magic. Where this mastery comes from is unclear, but it is rumored that the grizzly royal palace houses a stable rift from which frost magic flows. This rift, if it exists, is most likely tethered to the grizzlies' home realm.

With his army defeated and all escape routes blocked by ice and snow, Bloodspike was captured by Tundra and the grizzlies. Tundra haughtily laughed off the battle, saying that, "Such a trifling conflict was not worthy of discharging his oath." The diplomatic talks continued, Cygnus and the Order warning Tundra that the war was far from over. At last, Tundra bid Cygnus farewell, pledging to continue to defend Eventide Cove and any other Order fortress that needed protection from the Unchained.  Bloodspike, now a prisoner of war, was taken by Tundra to Frostbite Fortress as a trophy and a symbol of the might of the grizzlies. In a cold, dank dungeon, Bloodspike's hate for the grizzlies festers as he plans his escape.

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Bloodspike, the Brutal, is a venerated general in the Unchained Army. While a successful warrior, his success is overshadowed by his incredible cruelty. His enemies and allies fear him, wary of succumbing to his horrible appetite.  It is because of this appetite that his mother, Bionka, the Queen Momma, sent him on a mission from which she believed he would not return: an assault on Eventide Fortress. And she was right; Bloodspike was captured by Tundra and his grizzly warriors at Eventide Fortress.  And now, after months of brooding in the bitterly cold dungeon of Frostbite Fortress, Bloodspike is finally UNCHAINED!

While Bloodspike was incarcerated by the grizzlies, he was subjected to many indignities such as being led around in chains, forced to sing the Arctos national anthem, and riding a unicycle while wearing a tutu. To the grizzlies' glee, all of these activities enraged Bloodspike, but pestering him turned out to not be the best of ideas. Bloodspike vowed revenge on the grizzlies, and as he escaped, skinned and gathered the pelts of every grizzly he killed. He now wears his grisly grizzly kill as a symbol of his quest for vengence.

After attacking the Order Academy out of spite, Bloodspike is on the move again, terrorizing orcs and other members of the Unchained into submission. He now has a large, fearful following and has moved into his mother Bionka's old stomping ground, the Unchained Fortress. With his ambition unbridled and his power growing, Bloodspike now turns his attention to conquering and commanding the Unchained Army. But there's one thing that stands in his way--Bionka, Queen Momma.

Bionka, Queen Momma to the orcs, just wants what's best for her "babies" - that's why she is dead set on liberating them from the desolate Dark World and setting up a new regime in the magic-rich world of the Order: Centre.

Her sons and generals - including Bloodspike - have paved the way for her majesty's court. Now, Bionka herself descends upon Centre, leading her armies out of the Dark World to take her place as leader of the Unchained hordes.  Now, with her babies at her side (and underneath her feet), nothing's going to stop her from carving some space for her new throne room right out from under the Order's nose.


That is all the story I have found and put together. But the more times I read the bios the more connections I find  This is by far my longest post, I will now go and rest by killing more orcs If any of you guys read through this entire post here is a cookie for you

All Credits of this writing and summaries go to User:Humblethief, "EffingWorms" in-game name.