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Kamikaze Kobold
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Base HP:
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Coin reward:
Faction: Unchained
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Rift Points
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Kamikaze Kobold is a Minion in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

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These kobolds carry dynamite on their backs, detonating it and themselves to stop heroes and destroy barricades

It is unclear if these kobolds realize what they are carrying, or if someone is just strapping dynamite to them for fun.


Fast Fast icon.png Quick and not easily distracted.
Barricade Bash Barricade Bash icon.png Destroys wall and barricade traps.

Appearence in Battlegrounds[]

Battleground Preview Minions lvl Waves Par Time Mode
Avalanche (Endless) Avalanche (Endless) preview.png Endless
The Baths (Endless) The Baths (Endless) preview.png Endless
The Wall (Endless) The Wall (Endless) preview.png Endless
Eventide Fortress (Endless) Eventide Fortress (Endless) preview.png Endless
Crogon Keep (Endless) Crogon Keep (Endless) preview.png Endless
Frostbite (Endless) Frostbite (Endless) preview.png Endless
Thuricvod Village (Endless) Thuricvod Village (Endless) preview.png Endless
Shark Island (Endless) Shark Island (Endless) preview.png Endless
Banquet Hall (Endless) Banquet Hall (Endless) preview.png Endless
Eventide Ramparts (War Mage) Eventide Ramparts (War Mage) preview.png 12 10 13:30 Survival
Temple Graveyard (War Mage) Temple Graveyard (War Mage) preview.png 13 10 11:30 Survival
Banquet Hall (War Mage) Banquet Hall (War Mage) preview.png 14 10 12:45 Survival
Gates of Thuricvod (War Mage) Gates of Thuricvod (War Mage) preview.png 15 8 7:05 Survival
The Wall (War Mage) The Wall (War Mage) preview.png 16 10 15:00 Survival
Crogon Keep (War Mage) Crogon Keep (War Mage) preview.png 21 10 14:00 Survival
Shark Island (War Mage) Shark Island (War Mage) preview.png 23 10 12:30 Survival
Highlands (War Mage) Highlands (War Mage) preview.png 25 8 12:45 Survival
Restricted Section (War Mage) Restricted Section (War Mage) preview.png 25 8 10:30 Survival
The Falling Folly (Master) The Falling Folly (Master) preview.png 27 10 12:40 Survival
Orcatraz (Master) Orcatraz (Master) preview.png 30 10 13:15 Survival
Water Garden (Master) Water Garden (Master) preview.png 33 10 12:15 Survival
The Wall (Master) The Wall (Master) preview.png 39 12 15:00 Survival
Avalanche (Master) Avalanche (Master) preview.png 40 10 15:30 Survival
Docks at Eventide (Master) Docks at Eventide (Master) preview.png 42 10 13:45 Survival
Crogon Keep (Master) Crogon Keep (Master) preview.png 43 12 18:00 Survival
Shark Island (Master) Shark Island (Master) preview.png 45 12 18:00 Survival
The Baths (Rift Lord) The Baths (Rift Lord) preview.png 46 14 12:00 Survival
Maximum Security (Rift Lord) Maximum Security (Rift Lord) preview.png 48 14 16:45 Survival
Restricted Section (Rift Lord) Restricted Section (Rift Lord) preview.png 52 14 15:00 Survival
Banquet Hall (Rift Lord) Banquet Hall (Rift Lord) preview.png 55 12 13:45 Survival
Confluence (Rift Lord) Confluence (Rift Lord) preview.png 57 14 15:30 Survival
Temple Graveyard (Rift Lord) Temple Graveyard (Rift Lord) preview.png 63 12 14:00 Survival
Highlands (Rift Lord) Highlands (Rift Lord) preview.png 65 14 19:45 Survival
Avalanche (Rift Lord) Avalanche (Rift Lord) preview.png 66 12 17:45 Survival
Crogon Keep (Rift Lord) Crogon Keep (Rift Lord) preview.png 70 14 22:45 Survival
Eventide Fortress (Rift Lord) Eventide Fortress (Rift Lord) preview.png 75 14 20:15 Survival