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Base HP:
Primary Attack Type:
Primary Damage Type:
Trap Affinity:
Cost in Store:
1250Currency Gold.png or 9000Currency Skulls.png

Bloodspike the Brutal is a playable Hero in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

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Bloodspike uses his blades to maim and slaughter his enemies, which he then consumes to heal himself.

Character Bio[]

With an axe in both hands and murder in his eyes, Bloodspike will stop at nothing to win--even if winning means sacrificing his own minions to gain strength.



Icon Type Name Description Damage Cost Cooldown (s) Notes
Bloodhungry icon.png Passive Bloodhungry When Bloodspike kills a minion, they occasionally drop Delicious Meals which restore Bloodspike's health and reduce his cooldowns. N/A N/A N/A Reduces Bloodspike's active cooldowns by 5% per Meal.
Brutal Axe icon.png Primary Brutal Axe Bloodspike swings one of his axes, damaging enemies in front of him. ??? 0 0s
Bloodbath icon.png Secondary Bloodbath A melee attack that grants a Bloodbath stack for each enemy hit. Each stack buffs Bloodspike's attacks with +8% damage. Max 50 stacks. ??? 8 4s
Stunning Execution icon.png Third Stunning Execution Executes a minion who then drops a Delicious Meal. Enemies in a radius around the execution are stunned. ??? 50 25s
Maiming Blow icon.png Fourth Maiming Blow Bloodspike slams down both axes, sending out a saw-like shockwave that damages enemies in front of him. ??? 40 11s
Homicidal Frenzy icon.png Fifth Homicidal Frenzy A battle cry temporarily buffs Bloodspike with +50% attack and movement speed. It also increases his health. 0 30 35s Increases his health by 40%. Duration: 6s.


Icon Name Description
Tier 1
(Battle Level 2)
Buzz Kill icon.png Buzz Kill Increases the range of Maiming Blow by 33%.
Finer Dining icon.png Finer Dining Increases the drop rate of Delicious Meals by 50%.
Blood in Their Eyes icon.png Blood in Their Eyes Increases the duration of Stunning Execution's stun by 40%.
Tier 2
(Battle Level 4)
Sea of Blood icon.png Sea of Blood Increases the duration of Bloodbath stacks by 4s.
Fortified Meals icon.png Fortified Meals Delicious Meals increase Bloodspike's max health by 0.7%.
Sustained Frenzy icon.png Sustained Frenzy Increases the duration of Homicidal Frenzy by 50%.
Tier 3
(Battle Level 7)
Cheap Shot icon.png Cheap Shot Reduces the mana cost of Maiming Blow by 50%.
Extreme Execution icon.png Extreme Execution Reduces the cooldown of Stunning Execution by 33%.
Energy Snack icon.png Energy Snack Delicious Meals increase Bloodspike's movement speed by 20% for 5s.
Tier 4
(Battle Level 10)
Shock Value icon.png Shock Value Stunning Execution now deals lightning damage in an area. Damage scales with level.
Serrated Edges icon.png Serrated Edges Causes Brutal Axe to cast a 5s bleed debuff on targets during Homicidal Frenzy. Damage scales with level.
Devastating Assault icon.png Devastating Assault Maiming Blow's cooldown instantly refreshes upon killing a large minion or boss.


Detailed View
Vanity Preview Description Obtained In Cost
[[]] 100px Bloodspike Epic Heroic Dye Bloodspike Epic Heroic Dye icon.png Second Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Grand Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png
[[]] 100px Bloodspike Legendary Heroic Dye Bloodspike Legendary Heroic Dye icon.png Third Dye that can be applied to every all Skins of the hero. Masquerade Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png
Bloodspike The Brutal Bloodspike The Brutal card.png With an axe in both hands and murder in his eyes, Bloodspike will stop at nothing to win--even if winning means sacrificing his own minions to gain strength. By Default N/A [[]] 100px
Bloodspike Blood Appetit Bloodspike Blood Appetit card.png "Orc minion has a surprisingly delicate flavor. It pairs nicely with a blush wine." - Bloodspike, the Brutal Masquerade Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Bloodspike Breaker of Molds Bloodspike Breaker of Molds card.png "I don't like this 'boardgame' you speak of. These minions taste like plastic!" - Bloodspike, the Brutal Promotion of Boardgame Kickstarter N/A [[]] 100px
Bloodspike Grizzly Kill Bloodspike Grizzly Kill card.png “Those bears will pay with their HIDES and their TASTY BEAR-MEATS!” - Bloodspike, the Brutal Store 1000 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Bloodspike Green Guillotine Bloodspike Green Guillotine card.png "Off with their HEADS. Because that's the BEST PART!" - Bloodspike, the Brutal Grand Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Bloodspike Laughing to Death Bloodspike Laughing to Death card.png "Want a balloon? How about an axe? I'm thinking axe." - Bloodspike, the Brutal Costume Trunk 750 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px

Hero Related Achievements[]

Name Icon Description
500 Helpings icon.png 500 Helpings Eat 500 Delicious Meals as Bloodspike.
Bloody Business icon.png Bloody Business Gain 50 Bloodbath stacks as Bloodspike.
Frequent Frenzier icon.png Frequent Frenzier Use Bloodspike's Homicidal Frenzy 30x in 1 game during battle.


Orc Archer - "If we can't beat it, SHOOT IT FULL OF HOLES ANYWAY!" - Bloodspike, the Brutal
Light Orcs - "Do they come in six packs?" - Bloodspike, the Brutal
Execution Trigger - "How... Efficient." - Bloodspike, the Brutal

Hero Voice Lines[]